Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thanks for the link Bella! or: here's the letter I sent to Grill'd

Hi there,

Congratulations on offering a vegan pattie at Grill'd stores. It's a fantastic move and something that many food chains overlook, with many offering patties suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. As a vegan I really appreciate the opportunity to purchase fresh and healthy convenience food, and think that it's great that you so clearly advertise your vegan patties.

However, at my recent visit to the new Doncaster shopping centre store, I was very disappointed to discover that all the bread available contained milk. I ended up having a pattie on a plate of salad, which left me wondering why Grill'd has gone to so much effort to produce and advertise vegan patties, without following it through with proper menu options.

Bread made without animal products is readily available and of no discernible difference to milk that contains milk, whey etc. In fact, it tends to be of better quality. How about stocking bread that complements your vegan patties and really offers a new, different, healthy, cruelty-free and exciting vegan burger?

This is a great opportunity for Grill'd to offer a totally vegan menu option, filling a niche in the market for readily available, fresh convenience food. I would love to see Grill'd rectify this oversight, thus catering for vegans as well as people with lactose intolerances and other allergies.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Miss T

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