Monday, December 22, 2008

Grill'd Speaks, or: Vegan patties, vegan buns, vegan panini


I received a letter from the very prompt Amy at Grill’d. Upshot – the traditional buns and panini are dairy-free and suitable for all us dairy/ovo-rejectors. Her letters are below, sandwiching mine (disclaimer: damn right I took the freebie vouchers. Global financial crisis, tough times, interest rates blah blah … ).

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. I am hoping to clear up some confusion for you.

Our Panini and Traditional bun DO NOT contain any dairy whatsoever. These two buns are our main buns which are displayed on the counter and offered to every customer.

We have a new option on our menu now which is a gluten free option. This gluten free bun DOES contain some dairy. These buns are only suggested on the menu board and are only served when specifically requested for.

I investigated you visit the other day at Doncaster and discussed it with the manager. The bun that you were discussing was the gluten free bun option. I am so sorry if there was any confusion in this conversation.

So we really hope to see you back at Grill'd very soon for a totally vegan burger so long as you order the Panini or Traditional bun option. I would really love to send you some burger vouchers so that you can come back and enjoy some burgers on us.

Thanks and please contact me if you still have any questions.

Hi Amy,

That's great news! I'm really pleased to hear it. I think there was generally some confusion anyway about what was being discussed, because after explaining to the girl at the counter that I was vegan, and ascertaining that I couldn't eat the bread because of the dairy, she asked if I wanted a beef or chicken pattie with my salad!

I'd be very happy to grab some vouchers if you're happy to send them ... my address is (Miss T, T-Land, The Internets). I appreciate it!

Again, glad to hear the buns are dairy (and I presume egg!)-free, and thanks for your speedy response.


Hey Rachel – yes egg free too. Vouchers will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks again.
So go forth and burger, my children! Revel in the convenience food with fresh salad and purchasable outside of the CBD (sorry, LoTF...)!


Cindy said...

Excellent result! Good on you for hassling them. Vegan-friendly options ain't much good if the staff don't know what they are.

lisa said...

Woohoo! The burgers are on you!

Léna, said...

whenever my i got angry about stuff at school my mum would always tell me to write the school a letter.

THIS, is where such advice pays off.

+++ not happy they use un-veeg gluten free buns.

Miss T said...

Lena, your mum is a wise wise lady ... maybe you should write again now on behalf of all the GF vegans/dairy-free-ers (and I reckon there's a few) ... they're obviously very receptive to feedback (I mean, I emailed them last night and by today they'd called the store, talked to them, sent me two emails and given me freebies. Purdy good!).