Sunday, December 21, 2008

Potlucks in New and Exciting Locations, or: we travel South for Xmas potlucking near the sea

Most of genii vegan, subspieces vegger (vegger: one who vegges; one who writes a veglog), are found inhabiting the flat crowded tram-tracked inner North, known as VeganVille. The recent discovery of a colony inhabiting the sunny shores of Carrum took the vegging world by surprise and shook the foundations of vegology science to its core.

Actually, Lidia and one half of our Saturday hosts, Claire, met in their uni course and it was very exciting to leave VeganVille to visit Claire and Reece for a pre-Xmas potluck.

The food was given a Christmassy theme with the addition of Kristy's candycane biscuits, which were soft and chewy and tickly-ish minty.

In fact, it seemed to be a very desserty potluck, with Lisa's polenta (or was it cous cous?) and chocolate mousse cake, Bec's churros, and Craig's deepfried PB & banana fritters all weighting up my plate.

The savouries were varied, from Reece's excellent and delicate cabbage steamed dumplings (made with killer hangover - top marks); Erin's tempeh meatloaf; Toby's beanballs; Kristy's incredible broccoli cheese dish, made via telephonic transmission of mother instructions ...

... and Claire's TVP bake (apologies if these are mixed up ... let me know!). I made a mocktunabake with spring veggies, which I had to avoid eating as I was planning to make it again the next day for the family Xmas!

Below: my plate, laden with yum.

Most amusing was the interaction of the puppies - Kimba the Chihuahua Born Without Fear, Sam the Chihuahua Born a Sook, Oreo the Chihuahua-Mini Foxie Born Without Interest in Girl Dogs, and Jack the Jack Russell Currently Spaced Out From Anti-Inflammatories (we were even joined by Eric the Fluffy Cat Who Lives In A Possum Box). We were sorry to note the absence of poor Stumpy, Lidia's brave puppy, who had finally met another dog who also believed that all bones in the world were his personal stash, and had a sad and painful day at the vet. Stumpy get better soon! Lidia remember to look after yourself too!

The dogs were very well behaved, even hoovering up some dropped mousse cake very efficiently.

Below: Jack and Oreo make the most of the availabiity of chocolate mousse cake.

By the end of the sunny afternoon Sam was ready for his naptime cuddle - as was Kimba - but was very polite in letting Toby puppysit him and Kimba while Kristy, Lisa, Erin, Terry and I raided Savers* (*secret location hidden to protect future bargain shopping interests).

Below: Sam takes advantage of the cool tiles.

Below: Kimba gets a cuddle from her mama.


Cindy said...

Looks like some awesome food, as usual! I'm sorry to have missed it (though I did have the opportunity to console myself with lunch at Lord of the Fries). Did y'all have success at Savers? Truth be told, I am probably most jealous for missing out on the op-shopping...

lisa said...

Savers... I purchased a dress which is totally cute but which doesn't fit. Sighs.

Miss T, excellent dog photos! I didn't get any of them on camera. They were all adorable times four.