Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Melissa, or: I make an unscheduled pitstop on Chapel and buy product

It has occurred to me that this blog has been ignoring one of its taglines - shoppering. There's been molto cookering and eatering, and even a bit of whinering, but so far I haven't really delved into that other great love of my life, the accumulation of product (as my dad would put it).

Today however I have excitement to report! When I went lunchering with Caroline last week I was in drooling awe of her pair of flocked Melissas, so much so that we took a post prandial expedition to Myer in hopes that they had some in stock (they did, but I stupidly rejected them. On website inspection, they were from the Vivenne Westwood Anglomania collection ... I am a fool!). Alas, none others were there.

I made a trip to Chapel St today, which is unsual in and of itself, and whilst wandering past Moji, I spotted some Melissas in the window and made an immediate and quite violent left hand turn into the shop.

I came home with these beauties (and excuse the swollen ankles; my personal trainer made me do a ridiculous interval test on the bike and I hate him for it), and am pretty well up for some more already.

Pairy The Firsty: goldie slingback flatties with punched holes (blurriness due to difficulties in trying to photograph own foot in acceptably attractive way, clearly not achieved due to: 1: previously mentioned swelling; 2: awkward angles created by shooting down; 3: balancing foot on the couch to take advantage of light. They're hot, ok? Just accept it anyway):

Will you just look at adorable peeptoe?

And here's why the plastic choes don't smell (as I not-so-delicately asked Caroline!) - they are lined with a light fabric and the material of the inner sole is less PVCy that the upper.

Pairy The Secondy: Badass oilslick midnight blue wedges with long pocketback, ankle strap and purple inner sole. So very CatWoman, and not a colour I normally go for - but they are fierce and I am channelling Tyra Banks. Miaowwww!

A good contrast between the shiny PVC upper and the more rubbery inner sole.

So what's so great about Melissas? Have a look here to read more. In a nutshell? Environmentally innovative, socially responsible, vegan by default, designed with spark and goddamned comfortable.

Moji: 558 Chapel Street, South Yarra. Ph. 03 9824 1104. Other stockists listed on the Melissa site.


lisa said...

I've never heard of them! And after cruising their website I must get a pair. But which ones... soooo pretty.

Theresa said...

I think you can add: Totally kick-ass to you list of good things about those shoes!

lisa said...

I have seen Miss T's Melissa's in the wild and can confirm that they are awesome.

I'm Philippa O said...

this is so funny - i also just bought a pair of melissa shoes from 'the internet' and am totally crushing on them. i want to get more! i posted about how in love i am on my other blog http://ohphilippa.wordpress.com