Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear The Retreat, or: no peskytarian sauce

Dear The Retreat, Sydney Road, Brunswick,

I would email this to you directly, but Google tells me that the only way to contact you is by the tellingphone or MySpace. I don't do MySpace.

I ate at the Retreat on Sunday afternoon and wanted to tell you how great it is that there are a number of vegan options on the menu. It certainly makes pub meals a lot easier!

I also wanted to mention that I was surprised to learn that the 'Vego Curry' has fish sauce in it. Given that the title of the dish makes it appear that it's a vegetarian meal, putting fish sauce in it is definitely not! If you stopped using fish sauce, not only would the curry actually be vegetarian, but vegan too. Can I suggest that you make this small modification and add the Vego Curry to the impressive list of veg options at the Retreat?

Miss T

*peksytarian = pescetarian. I can spell, losers.

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