Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shout Outs to Omni Cooks, or: A Christmas Miracle

Today is a shout out. My cousins Heath and Kes, along with Heath's rockin' girlfriend Claire and our cousin Gregor, pulled off a family Christmas today that was just about as good as it gets. In particular, I wanted to give them public snaps for the extra effort they put in for me and my food - almost everything came in vegan and omni varieties, including grilled eggplant, salads and gravy, as well as two meat alternatives for mains. It was a massive undertaking to feed our our entire family let alone making sure that almost everything had a veganised option. I think perhaps that because Heath and Claire appreciate good food, they can also appreciate that vegan food can be just as good.

In general, I've found that people with limited variety in their omni diets and not much interest in good food are the ones who can only imagine that I eat lettuce leaves and carrot sticks, whereas people who explore and enjoy food can much more easily see the vast array available to me because they are used to exercising their palates and experiencing new things.
So thanks, guys. It was a lovely, special day anyway, but the extra effort you put in for me was was really touching. (*also, credit to Heath for finding the right name for the Where's The Beef vegan sausage rolls: vausage rolls!)

My plate - oh so so good.

Here are some table shots:


steph said...

THREE sausage rolls! Excellent effort, Miss T. :o)

Cindy said...

Brilliant stuff! It's always touching when non-veg*ns make such an effort to be inclusive.

Those roasted root veges look incredible!

Johanna said...

love 'vausage rolls' - great table spread - I agree about people who try different foods being game to cater for all dietary types

lisa said...

JEALOUS! I wish I was getting a spread like this on Christmas. That is awesome.


"I think perhaps that because Heath and Claire appreciate good food, they can also appreciate that vegan food can be just as good."


BrisVegan said...

Jealous! Most of my family and my husband's family will not make a vegan option.

In fact, I suspect that some of my husband's family add cheese to garden salads etc to make some sort of point. I have learnt to always take my own to share. This then creates a vicious circle where they can always say "but you always bring something for yourself." However, they even give me the stink eye if I ask for a vegan option when we all get takeaway, so it's not just my self catering behind it.

On the other hand, last year my 86 yo grandmother veganised her Xmas pudding for me. So, yay, Grandma!

Also, I should mention that one of my sisters has a vegan mother in law, so she is always cool! Yay Benita!

Anonymous said...

Also yay @ Mum for making heaps of veganfriendly potato salad which, even with the ungodly addition of carrot, was bloody good.
Still full.....