Sunday, March 1, 2009

What is The Age thinking?

I hope to God this is a joke.

Apparently, game and feral animals are dangerous to the forests, so we need to shoot them to protect the forests. Game - ie: animals who live in the forest, and feral animals, ie: animals who live in the forest. So, just animals. You plan to shoot animals who live in the forest. Why bother trying to obfuscate what it is that you want to kill? Does it make it any better? Or did you expect that there might be domesticated animals in the forest? Poodles perhaps? Or did you think that cattle or horses or a tribe of moggies wouldn't affect the forests? All animals who live in a forest will be affecting it in some way or another - that's a symbiotic relationship. And for God's sake have the arse to say that you shoot and kill animals, not that you "remove" them.

And: "Hunters - First in Conservation"? Only if you manage to shoot each other and reduce the potential gene pool of jackasses.


Mandee said...

What the Fork? Surely they're not serious, since when are we Europe and have seasonal hunting?

Miss T said...

I guess there's duck season in Victoria, which was just re-instituted after several years off the official timetable (boo!) ... but yeah, 'deer season'? And what's with the cheesy US-style ad?