Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winering: Riding off into the sunset with Shadowfax

I have never really been a wine-drinker, and since veganism curtailed my winering even more so (but certainly not my whinering), I have become an incredible lightweight. However, sometimes a girl needs a glass and that glass must be filled with something red and wintery (I still can't really get into the whites; how could you possible go past beer, a cooling G&T or a refreshing vodka soda with fresh lime on a blistering day?).

I emailed Shadowfax Wines to ask if their wines were vegan-A-OK in preparation for a now-on-hold visit.

A very prompt, informative and friendly reply was received:

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your enquiry. I have just checked with our winemaker and he says that the last time we used animal products was on one of our 2004 reds (which is no longer for sale). We have always been specific on our label if we have used animal derived products. All of our current release of wines would be fine. I hope this helps. Let me
know if you need any further information.


Stephen Bell
Cellar Door Manager
Shadowfax Wines

Personally I find it very hard to remember which wines are drinkable - being more of a beer girl vintages and varieties tend to blur into one of two categories: red or white (I do remember YellowTail because it's readily available, quite cheap and all products are vegan). It's particularly handy for me and my sieve-like brain to remember entire brands - so hooray for Shadowfax!

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