Friday, March 13, 2009

Grill'd is not nice, or: I no longer want cheezeburger.

Dear readers,

You might remember how nice it was to find out from Grill'd that their bread, except the gluten-free version, was vegan. This was especially nice because they offer vegan burgers. It was nice of them to offer me some vouchers. It was nice of me not to complain when they expired 12 months before I received them, but I still enjoyed their nice food and wrote some nice posts here and here because it was nice to find nice cheap vegan food and it was nice of them to write back to me.

It would have been nice of Grill'd to let me know that their chips contain beef tallow. They knew I was vegan, so a little bit of lateral thinking when I emailed them would have been nice. That would have been nice customer service.

Thankfully, Tuxecat was nice enough to post over at The PPK about the beef tallow. A quick search of the internets revealed that Harriet was all over this back in 2007.

Dear, nice readers - Grill'd is not nice. They are meaniepants. And I don't like them any more.

Lots of love,

Miss T


steph said...


Miss T said...

I know, right? How gross - and how stupid. I am really, really crossed off.

lisa said...

Corporate responsibility anyone? 'Here, have some free vouchers to eat our vegan burgers... should we mention the chips aren't vegan? No, let's not!' Arses.

I'm Philippa O said...

that's disgusting! and frankly irresponsibly unhealthy. i've eated these damn things twice, AGES ago, but finding this out now still makes me feel ill

Sophie Rose Hayden said...

Hi, I know that this post was written a while ago, but since 2011 Grill'd has made their chips Vegan.

I know that you may have already turned off them, but just thought that you and your readers may want to know.