Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yoga & Yoghurt, or: Channel 7 should get some better researchers.

Hey, Packed To The Rafters, honey & yoghurt are not vegan. Especially not when blended together instead of cake icing. Nor do vegan cakes necessarily have to be made without suagr, and if we were going to use a fruit-based sweetener it would probably be maple or agave syryp, not just fruit juice. Also, not all of us are sanctimonious yoga freaks like the (embarassingly named for me) Rachel character. Just fyi.


Mandee said...

I haven't watched this show but someone else changed their facebook status to say something like your post. I wish ppl would ask actual vegans what they would do in situations not just concoct it in their heads. Although, everyone loves sterotyping vegans so why would they research us!?

I'm Philippa O said...

oh you're not? i thought we all were, after all that's why we don't eat animal products, or shower, or live in the land of reality. We just float around with flowers in our hair and wheat grass in our underpants and we love all the little birdies and we speak to the trees. If this isn't you you're obviously not doing it right.