Friday, November 14, 2008

Instalment One: I Know What You Ate Last Summer

Having fallen shamefully behind with my overseas blogging, despite having faithfully recorded almost every mouthful I consumed, I now admit defeat and present a montage of New York and London eatering (is that jumping the shark?).

There are still a few proper reviews in the works, but to make sure that I didn't dutifully, publicly and sometimes a little embarassingly record and note every forkful and track down like a bloodhound all the eateries that I went to, here is the first instalment of an abridged, abbreviated and written-without-my-dear-notes series entitled "I Know What You Ate Last Summer".

This brand "Laura's Idea" was available in a number of supermarkets in London, including Planet Organic where I would plonk myself with my morning unsweetened-soy-latte and tofu-muesli pot. Not all of the products are vegan, but those that are are clearly labelled and you can tell that they're produced each day because the labels contain adorable and inconsistent typos. Bless!

in Soho, London. My Bloody Mary -type juice took ages, but being entirely grumpy and cranky from the flight made me too grr-grr to complain very loudly. The selection of salads varied nicely and was served directly from pot to bowl.

A pita-pocket-sort-of thing from a deli on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. It was a bit like curried tofu and although soggy and falling apart, was surprisingly nice.

I was determined to try as many of the soy cheeses form WholeFoods as possible, blithely unaware that quite a lot of the soy cheeses contained casein, thus vastly reducing the number of vegan soy cheeses and really making me cross.

Tofurkey and Follow Your Heart soy cheese - chemicals on a plate.

That's all for Instalment One, folks.
More slack writing and vague musings to follow.


Mandee said...

Hey must so many more fake cheeses than we do and I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try Tofukey, did you like it?

Miss T said...

Do you know, I didn't mind it! It had a rough-ish texture and tasted, like all mock-meats, kind of chemically, but I way preferred it to the cheeses! The Follow Your Heart was oily; the Soya Kaas was good but had casein and made me very regretful; and none of the others were actually any better than Tofutti or Cheezly. The search continues!