Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tart'n'Round, or: I eat a lot of chocolate and remain defiant about it.

When I said that I ate the Tart'n'Round goodies that I bought at World Vegan Day before I could take photos of them, that was true. But when I went to Allergy Block on Saturday 'just to look', and came away with not only more of the same things I bought before (the caramel slice wedgey thing and chocolate peanut butter balls) but also with some cherry ripe balls, I made vast strides in my gobbling therapy and remembered to take some shots before I ate them. All. In three days. But mostly by the end of Sunday. Saturday.

(Just to note, in the interests of full confession ... there are three each of the cherry ripe and peanut butter balls in a packet - making six chocolatey balls all up - and the caramel wedge is huge. Just sayin').

Tart'n'Round's sweetie goodness is rich, almost too rich, but they totally avoid the dreaded "It's good ... for vegan confectionary" tagline. They are just damn good on their own.

The peanut butter balls are peanutty rice bubbles with a sticky binding encased in good dark chocolate, and the cherry ripe balls fulfilled an embarassingly intense yearning for a Cherry Ripe bar that I'd been secretly nurturing for some time and then some (does it strike anyone else as stupid that what should be cherry, coconut and dark chocolate is not vegan?). The cherry innards tasted almost the same as the real Cherry Ripe (as far as I can remember) but less sickly, and had a lovely rough mouth feel contrasting with the chocolate shell.

The caramel slice was perhaps a little too rich, but from what I can remember from the non-vegan ones, they were always a struggle to finish anyway (I said struggle. And I always overcame).

Not only did the Tart'n'Round products I tried taste like a whole lotta greedy-time, as far as I can tell they taste very much like the not-vegan stuff too.

They're a little pricey for everyday eatering, and more difficult to find in VeganVille than in the south-eastern suburbs, but geez Louise, they're worth it.


Lisa Dempster said...

Oooh, interesting terminology. Because I thought the caramel slice was 'good for gluten free'! I am staunchly gluten lovin' :p

The cherry balls I am going to have to seek out and devour, every photo I have seen has been awesome. Unfortunately they didn't have samples at WVD, and I was too poor to buy without test driving. To Allergy Block!

Cindy said...

Thanks for these photos! I wanted to glimpse the innards of the peanut butter bliss ball (being a guilty Reese's fan from way back). They look mighty similar to this recipe - I've made it before and it's the frickin' BOMB! Probably cheaper, too, though you've then got the temptation of dozens of them lurking around. :-D

Mandee said...

YUM. I really want a 1/4 of that caramel slice!