Thursday, November 6, 2008

World Vegan Day, or: deletions deletions

Oh Grr Argh. I wrote a long post (read: masterpiece. Pulitzer worthy. Really. ) this afternoon on World Vegan Day, meaning that I am the last Melbourne blogger to do so, and even though I know I saved it, it has disappeared thus depriving all mankind of its greatest literary achievement. Yeah! (also the font button has disappeared, thus ruining my unbroken chain of Arial).

Anyway, what I'll do instead is:

a. tell you how fabulous my lost masterpiece was;

b. dot point the highlights:
  • My badge - Kiss Me I'm Vegan - and book - Tempting Tempeh - from the aduki stall where Lisa and Emily puppysat Sam;
  • The chocolate peanut balls and caramel slice from Tart'n'Round - sweet, think, bloody rich and a little pricey but bloody good;
  • Our meals from Enlightened Cuisine - my first with them but now not last; and
  • Buzz signing up to sponsor WSPA. I almost burst with pride.
c. post some yummy pictures:

Enlightened Cuisine sweet'n'sour 'pork' and satay 'lamb':

Enlightened Cuisine stirfried tofu and crispy duck (which Buzz assures me is very realistic, which I suppose is interesting in a human-flesh-tastes-like-chicken-I-ate-it-with-some-fava-beans-and-a-nice-glass-
of-chianti -tss-tss-tss kinda way):

Enlightened Cuisine satay 'chicken' skewers. I liked eating off the skewer. Me live in cave.

Sorbet from Fritz gelato - Bounty on the bottom, banana or mango on the top:

Sam thinks he might get some food. He did. I mean, c'mon.


Lisa Dempster said...

How dreamy is Sam? Such a cutie. We'll puppysit anytime.

I think I'm the only person at WVD who didn't try the bounty gelati. Regret! Field trip to Fritz soon!!

Mandee said...

I love Arial font too and I'm sorry blogspot lost your post.

I likee the look of those skewers and I got the Kiss Me I'm Vegan button too, it's awesome!

Miss T said...

Lisa, I have secret hopes of a Chihuahua love story between my son and your daughter, but I should inform you that there's no chance of grandpuppies!

Mandee, I saw you got the same one too - snap!