Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday night - Pizza & Beer, or: I get into the satay tofu

Entranced by our new MacBooks (you can't see it, but I'm typing on it right now! Yes I am!) Buzz and I decided to stay in on Friday night and play with them. We had joked that the advent of a two-person-laptop-couch would mean that we would end up sitting next to each other entranced in our own online activities, ocasionally grunting or IMing each other in lieu of speech. This was prophetic and we now never need talk again.

We did break off to make ourselves pizza, in the very best tradition of computer geeks. I had been to the supermarket (I know it's really sad that I enjoy going to the supermarket on a Saturday night, I know it is) and I really wanted to try the white asparagus I had seen perched next to the green and purple. I got some satay tofu and coriander to complement it, although naturally I ended up totally forgetting about the coriander and left it sitting on the kitchen bench untouched.

I made two little pitas for myself, one covering off on the Thai-style satay-asparagus combo and the other in the style of the traditional vegetarian, sans pineapple, in case the other one was blech.

My experimental Thai one began with some pizza s
auce and Mature White Cheddar Cheezly. I chopped the satay tofu and scattered it over the base along with some diced zucchini (less and less Thai by the minute!). I topped it with the white asparagus, which all looked very fancy wood-fire-oven if I do say so myself.

The backup option began with the same pizza sauce and Cheezly, layered with sliced mushroom, onion, green capsicum (the funny long ones tht look like witches' claws) and sliced black olives.

Nice! The satay pizza was great, forgotten coriander notwithstanding. The zuchinni and asparagus helped give the pizza some bulk and contributed some smoother flavours and texture to contrast the distinctive peanut and chewy tofu.

The traditional veggie one was also well-finished, and the Cheezly really melted well on each. I had placed in in little lumps rather than grating it, and I think this helped give small shots of flavour rather than an overall base taste.

Yes, we ate them in front of the computers, not talking and typing away!


Lisa Dempster said...

Your pizzas look amazing! And how good is asparagus at the moment?

Mandee said...

Haha, often my bf will come over, turn on the laptop and that will be the end of any conversation. I either sit and read at the other end of the couch, bake or go to my big pc in the spare room. He just bought the mini eeepc back from his place so now we can both sit on either end of the couch absorbed by the internet, love it!

Also the mini pizzas look the goods!

Miss T said...

Yeah, there's very little talking now; we've decided just to IM each other!