Monday, November 2, 2009

Letter to Madison magazine -

Dear Madison,

Thank you, thank you for your feature on the animal rescue organisation PetRescue. Anyone fortunate enough to share their home with an animal knows the joy that connection can bring, yet so many companion animals are killed each year, sometimes abandoned or abused by humans, or dumped from pet shops when their cuteness factor expires.

Pet shops that sell animals are responsible not only for many of the thousands of unnecessary animal deaths each year, but for the cruel puppy mill industry which provides a never-ending stream of puppies and kittens for their windows, most of whom will not find homes and will be put down once past their ‘use-by’ . I urge all Madison readers to boycott pet shops, and when looking for their next animal friend, to bypass the shopping mall and look to a rescue organisation instead.

It’s wonderful to see a magazine such as Madison highlight these serious and heartbreaking issues.

Yours with thanks,

Miss T


Mandee said...

Great letter. It's obviously too hard for most people to resist pet shops so it will be good when they are no longer allowed to sell animals.

Niki said...

Nice one Miss T.

I admit I do love to look at pet shops, who can resist all the gorgeous baby animals?

But I would never buy from them, and I'm glad people are becoming more and more aware that adopting unloved animals is the way to go.