Monday, November 23, 2009

Togg, or: Tofegg, or: Eggfu, or: Tegg

When I was a Little T, my family always called eggs 'oggs'. In fact, Mrs T still does. I don't know why; perhaps it was a nod to our Cornish heritage, or just one of those family words that passes into lore. Nonetheless, it was oggs.

And here, I present: Togg.

Readers will know that I am much more in favour of shoppering and eatering than cookering, and my skills in the kitchen reflect my preferences. Today, however, as I ruminated in a very boring gym class about what to have for dinner, a recipe popped into my head unbidden and complete, and it was Curried Togg Salad Sammywich.

I don't crave eggs, and even though I enjoyed them, I certainly can't abide how they get to be fried, scrambled, poached or boiled on a breakfast plate. But I was immeasurably happy to recreate an egg salad sandwich, a pregan standby and especially welcome on white bread.

This is what you'll need: (plus some soy milk)

Mush up some tofu in a bowl and sprinkle some curry powder though it. I think that you can't really get away from using something to flavour the tofu, but I guess you could use stock cubes if you wanted to. I used a little too much powder, and next time will make it a less flourescent shade of orangey-yella. Splash a little soy milk round to help it stick together, and lightly warm the mixture in a frying pan just to kick it off.

In a bowl - the same one if you like to minimise washering up - mix up some vegan mayo and mustard. Choose whichever you like; I'm a fan of chunky grainy, in-ya-face mustard, but I also whizzed in some Frency Dijon.

I added some spring onion, because it was on hand and seemed appropriate.

Combine the mustardy-mayo mix and the tofu mixture. You have Togg! I chopped my lettuce and stirred through, but you could also keep the Togg separate and layer it on top of lettuce.

And voila, Curried Togg Salad Sammywich.


lisa said...

Yum! Looks great. I've been craving eggs a bit lately, this looks like it could be a ticket. Also next week I'll blog about the scrambled 'eggs' I had in Adelaide.

I'm Philippa O said...

ooo yum! i like the sound of this. eggs are truly repulsive to me now despite being a fan some years ago

Theresa said...

Well that just looks amazing. There's something about flourescent yellow food that I find strangely appealing...

lisa said...

Ok, still thinking about t'eggs. I'm thinking finger sandwiches! To go with cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches! And maybe some avocado finger sandwiches! And a picnic! And some punch. Delightful. Let's make it happen.

Miss T said...

So, at Craig's Hotluck? I am thinking that all those yummy things Lisa mentioned are perfect for picnic potlucks in parks on hot days.

lisa said...

Yes! I don't think I can wait that long though. I think I might try some TOGG tonight.

lisa said...

I have tegg for lunch today!