Friday, April 24, 2009

Shoot 'em, cut off their heads.

This is what this story is not about:

  • country-bashing;
  • kangaroos as vermin;
  • whether roo culls are necessary;
  • whether farmers are cruel and inhuman; and
  • whether city people are naive, cossetted lily-livered sooks.

This is what this article is about:
  • that there is no such thing as happy meat;
  • that there is no such thing as environmental meat;
  • a legal cull (problematic in itself) being carried out and what its consequences for joeys are;
  • what the flow-on consequences of roo killing are and whether consumers are aware of them; and
  • that people are in general entirely unaware of what happens to animals before they appear shrink-wrapped on platters in the supermarket. One commenter with his heart in the right place but his brains apparently somewhere in the clouds said: "Why do we need to kill all these lovely animals when all we have to do is go to the shops for all our food. Surely getting food from supermarkets is not as cruel as this mass murder. I think it's time we took action against these cruel farmers.".

There is no such thing as cruelty-free meat. It's meat. It's great that this is getting attention. But it's terrifying how little people really know about what happens to all the animals who become their dinner.

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Mandee said...

Breaks my heart to read it :(