Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lambkin, or: who looks at this and thinks "I'll kill it and eat it"?

Some choice words from Phil Lally and Michele Prince, sheep farmers in Clare SA about how they are handrearing 50 'orphan' lambs:

"We're keeping all the lambs we can because the market is so strong we can't justify leaving them in the paddock to get picked out by crows and foxes.We want to make sure nothing is left out to die as was done in the past - we have to make sure every single unit counts".

Please note the following:
  • We can't justify leaving newborn, weak lambs out to die because the market is strong. But it's not wrong to abandon defenceless babies to slowly starve to death or be mutilated by crows and foxes.
  • Units. Not lambs or sheep but units.

Here they are, happily hand feeding small and happy lambs. Lambs can learn their own names and love to play.


It's beyond me how anyone can look at those lambs and think they are nothing more than units who deserve to die.


steph said...

Nah, people are clearly looking at those lambs and thinking they're obliged to die.

Miss T said...

Stephie Peguin, you have such a way with words.