Friday, July 10, 2009

Circuses - Congratulations on an compassionate decision

The Ipswich City Council has made the inestimably sensible and compassionate decision to ban circuses with 'exotic' animals from its boundaries. I wrote to congratulate and received a reply today from Paul Pisasale.

From Miss T to Ipswich:

Congratulations to Ipswich on joining 42 other local councils across Australia who recognise that all animals, including exotic animals kept in a circus, are entitled to live free from cruel and unnatural treatment, in a suitable environment, and with our protection. Thank you for affirming that animals are not here for our entertainment, and that all animals suffer when forced to 'perform' for us.

With thanks and regards,

Miss T

From Ipswich to Miss T:

Rachel - Thank you for supporting Council's action. Although it was a hard decision to make, we feel strongly that this is the best thing for the community and for the animals' welfare.




Mandee said...

Isn't it great? Now for the rest of Australia to follow their lead!

Léna, said...

this is fantastic news but as someone who is originally from brisbane i can't help but chortle a little (nostalgically, with whimsy) at any mention of the city that was due to be the 'entertainment capital' of queensland but turned out to be the bogansville capital of the south-east corner. heeh.
with that in mind it is actually really impressive (to me) that the local council in ipswich would take such a compassionate action and also makes me feel like a down-right snob. i've only been there once anwyay so who am i to judge. TOO MUCH INFORMATION? lets hope so :D

Miss T said...

I know, right? How could the city that spawned Pauline Hanson have done this cool thing? Extra special double triple snaps to them for doing such a complete turnaround cleverness-wise.

On another note, I think it's really important to write to places/people/companies when they do good stuff - they need to know that there's support out there. Same when they do ooopies (but when they do bad stuff it's even more important to write sensible, calm, rational letters so they can't write us off as hysterical cranks).

I really like that I got a response that wasn't a pro forma one too. Biiiig up Ipswiiiiich!