Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brilliant! Keep up the pressure!,21985,25442562-661,00.html

BREAKING NEWS: RACING Victoria has suspended jumps racing following the deaths of two horses today at Warrnambool.

Jumps will be suspended until at least next week when the state's peak racing body meets to decide the sport's future.

It is understood the suspension is immediate.

More details to come


Mandee said...

It's great, isn't it!? But I'm still fairly mad as I heard an owner/trainer on the radio today who said that "all those would-be greenies don't realise how much we care for our horses" but then the news announcer said that 3 horses died THIS week!

Another trainer has said he will shoot his 6 horses if the ban goes ahead. I don't think that qualifies as caring for his horses and I really hope doesn't follow through with it.

I'm going to find an email for Racing Vic and send one asap.

Mandee said...

Here's a link to an open letter offering homes to horses so that trainers don't kill them if the ban goes through :