Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happily spruiking!, or: Miss Ellie's recipes for healthiness inside and out

There are some people who, like me, rest on their laurels a bit when it comes to healthiness. I prefer to think that being vegan in and of itself gives me multiple gold health stars.

Naturally this is rubbish. It gives me a couple of gold stars because of what I don’t eat (no dairy and associated pus-drinking; no red meat and associated increased risk of bowel and colon cancer; no chicken and associated risk of hormone bizarreness; no fish and associated risk of mercury poisoning and general stinkiness) as well as a nice clean conscience. But I can always tarnish and deplete those benefits through the other things that I choose (drinking beer, eating crisps, not exercising enough) thus drastically reducing my potential vegan-health-smugness factor.

Other people, however, are just healthy all over. They eat well, they exercise well, they feel well … generally I am quite resentful about these people because I am jealous of their motivation, determination, glowing good looks even at 7am on a Saturday morning, and nice healthy insides. However in this case I am delighted to introduce my friend Miss Ellie (cook, boot-camper and general health person extraordinaire) who came along to the last potluck and blew everyone away with her incredible food.

I was asked to source Miss Ellie’s recipe for beetroot, carrot and quinoa salad with pomegranate dressing, and here it is along with the recipe for her curried cauliflower balls and a piece of exciting news … a cook book! In the works! Ethical, enviro, sustainable, wholefoods and good for both the inside and the outside of the tummy … stay tuned!

Here are the first two instalments of Miss Ellie’s recipes… an' ain’t they purdy?

You might have to select and enlarge pictures ... but it'll be worth it. Promise.