Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am practicing linking.

Here's Lisa's blog and here is Caroline's (cos they told me/offered to show me how) - thanks!
I am loving myself sick right now. I am Queen of the Internets. Both those links work! (No thanks to me of course, but schweeeet!)
It's ridiculously easy now I know what that symbol is (it doesn't look very linky to me) but I would never have worked out the code business in HTML.
Miss T advises that normal broadcasts will begin again shortly.
When she has adequately practiced her new skills.
And stopped crowing.
Thank you.


Lisa Dempster said...

Yeah, I always thought the chain link button was a long bow to draw... all hail Queen of the Internets.

Mandee said...

10pts for creating links in your post!