Sunday, August 3, 2008

Medium Skinny Soy Latte and a piece of Date and Pecan Loaf, or: Suffer In Ya Jocks, Stupid Anti-Soy Attitude Man

A proper coffee from Michelle at Cafe 53, made with skinny soy no less (a rarity, and real VitaSoy to boot), and a piece of date and pecan loaf from Wild Earth in the food court of Collins Place. I'm not really a cake person but seeing as it's there I feel that I am obliged to regularly eat all vegan goodies to prove that there's a market out there... yeah!

Great Earth also have citrus cake, no added fat crumble (in two flavours), two kinds of muffin and a Ghana Dahl roti wrap which are A-OK for vegans.

Cafe 53: 53 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Ph 9662 1655
Great Earth Cafe: Lower food court, Collins Place, 45 Collins Street Melbourne. Ph 9654 8790

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