Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adorabubbles, or: just let us have one positive article

Well duh.

And duh, there are comments about how lovely rich melty butter and yolky sunny eggs are underneath, and how healthful and not at all cruel they are. Can't the egg-and-dairy-country-farmyard apologists even let one article about vegan cupcakes- sweet, innocent, adorabubble cupcakes - slide without raising their fists in anger to tell us how much better theirs are ... even if they admit they've never tried a vegan cupcake? Can't we just have one article about cupcakes without being told we're all going to die of brittle bones, too weak and puny to get of bed to reach 'real' (ie: flesh and bodily emissions) sustenance?

Anyway, enjoy the cupcakes. Raspberries to them.


steph said...

I was pretty excited by the article! The wonderment was a bit annoying, but it was a good article!

Miss T said...

I liked it too! But broke the golden rule: Never ever read the comments. I thought it was such a shame that such a bright sunny positive article brought out all the usual "blah blah my body doesn't work without meat/butter is good for you/I was vegan and never unhealthier/it must taste crap and I've never eaten one". The article didn't address issues of health, ethics or the environment: it was all about yumminess, so why the need for all the omni trumpet blasting? Let's just enjoy the cupcakes!!