Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anatomy of a birthday weekend, or: My fourth decade

Miss T for Miss Thirty. 

Friday 4 June 2010


A party at work with artwork from Miss Erin's two girls, the Misses Kira and Breanna. Breanna has even drawn directions for how to throw a surprise party. The coolest! 

The beautiful bangle from the girls at work - perfect.

A lovely brooch from Arts Victoria from Miss Veronica, who I have been friends with since were were in Form 7D together in 1993, and we now work on the same floor. 
A dinner of the best food in the world: A on VT.

Saturday 5 June 2010 - the day of days
My present from my parents and myself - a white gold pendant from Canturi. I love that you can't really tell if it's modern or Art Deco. I've been lusting for years and decided if I couldn't justify it now, it would languish forever on my list of "things that I shoulda-woulda-coulda". It's for the granddaughters.

Out for breakfast at Soulfoods.

Mr Lovaah Lovaah.

And then off to Buzz's present for me ...
Designed by Buzz with art direction from Miss T, executed by Tammy at Eternal Instinct. It's new and still healing so the colours will brighten. I think I may get the pink enpinkened a little if it stays paler. You can never go hot enough with pink.
(and I have some information on vegan ink which I'll share later). 

Lunch from La Panella - vausage roll.


That's SammyOne Puppykins' nose trying to get at my Whittaker's. 

Dinner at Enlightened Cuisine with the fam, Mr and Mrs T and Miss T Junior, and the Esteemed Grandfather Mr R, and Buzz. Best dish, as before: 5 spice tofu.

And after (not snapped): drinks for Miss Leia Jade's birthday. 

Sunday 6 June 2010
Sunday morning - Camberwell market felafel. 

Thoughtful and generous Dinosaur Designs necklace from Mr and Mrs T's neighbours, the lovely Ms Marisa who has known me since before I was born, and family Mr Ric, Master Dante and Miss Allegra. Beeyootiful and so undeserved.

Miss T Jnr outdoes herself with baked New York cheesecake via Carla.  Eaten while visiting the Esteemed Grandmother Mrs R. Do not attempt more than once slice.

Homemade Sunday night dinner with Mr and Mrs Buzz with TV, SammyPuppins and the love of my life. 

Thank you everyone.


Vicki said...

Happy Birthday again - that looks like the most perfect birthday!! I took my family to Enlightened Cuisine 2 weeks ago for my early birthday family dinner as well & it completely won over the omni family which I was very happy about.

Tahn said...

Happy birthday!!

Looks like you had a fantastic day(s)! And so spoilt with pressies! Nice one!

Love the tatt. I'm still wanting another (of what I don't know - just want one!) so will be interested in the vegan ink info :) (and maybe a good place to go)

steph said...

happy birthdayyyyyy

and the pendant looks great! totally worth it? :o)

Miss T said...

Vicki, happy bday to you too and Enlightened Cuisine won over my omni fam too!
Tahn, I really liked Eternal Instinct- great work and 'serious' tattoos, and I highly recommend Tammy. She was
very friendly, her book is fantastic, and I love what she's done on my design. She specializes in colour and more feminine designs.

lisa said...

Ooooooh - happy times! Happy birthday! xxx

Tahn said...

Thanks! Will check them out.

Niki said...

Happy Birthday!
And your tatt rules!

Johanna GGG said...

happy birthday - you sure know how to celebrate in style - all that food looks so good - though I particularly love that managed to include a homer moment - that is a birthday with it all :-)