Monday, April 12, 2010

Lord, hear our prayer, or: unvegan shoppering

Hi Jeans Manufacturers (especially Lee and Mavi), 

Could you please stop using leather labels on the back of your jeans. It makes them unvegan. It is religious discrimination because it stops me worshipping at my church, The Holy Sepulchre of the Blessed Sacred Heart of the Sainted Mercy of Shopping. I cannot lay my purchases at the feet of Our Lady of Purchase and seek her holy blessing for my next shopping trip. I will never be heard by the Archangel Amex if I cannot flagellate myself in the Changing Room of Small Sizing Horror. I cannot sing with the Heavenly Choir of Consumer Cherubim. I will never be able to join the Seraphim of Sales.  Preventing me from buying jeans means that I will never achieve the Rapture of the Perfect Denim. 

You are losing my business. 
Your sincerely, 

A Poor Penitent


Danni said...

OMG I've never even thought of this.

I tend to buy my jeans second hand, but still, I need to go and check them all now.

lisa said...

Omigod what about Levis?

Miss T said...

I think most Levis use a cardboardy type ... but Lee are all leather, and I managed to snaffle on pair of Mavi with a fabric patch.

Maybe secondhand ... it's ok to cut it off??

Toby said...

some of the companies use leather labels for their top of the line jeans. freaking stupid.

Toby said...

i think cheap mondays are ok (kristy being too lazy to log out)

Mandee said...

Your letters are the best and I was thinking about this the other day as I was looking for jeans, I ended up giving up.