Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vancouver in the West, or: we roadtrip and discover a diamond in the rough

Honestly, I freakin' hate the blogger photo uploader. Just let me put thing where I want to put them!

Buzz and I recently took a road trip to Albany, WA for our friends Mr and Mrs P's wedding. After many many hours on the road from Perth, the discovery that most of WA shops - including the big supermarkety ones - close on Sundays was a bit of a bugger, compounded by our lack of cooking facilities. I morosely accepted a few days of supermaket hummus and plain chips for me. 

Thoughtfully Mr and Mrs P had already arranged vegan catering for me at their afternoon garden party - and it was inhaled swiftly. The lovely caterer was from a local cafe, Vancouver Cafe, and so post-wedding (mid-seediness), Buzz and I trouped down along with our friend Mr Stoff for breakfast. 

Not often do you get to discuss veganism with the staff, nor have the chef stick his head out of the kitchen hatch to tell you he can make your rosti without egg. Along with an arts'n'crafts, shabby boho interior, this ensured a return visit the day after, before our road trip back, which is photographed here. 

What a breakfast! That's local sourdough bread (guaranteed vegan and beautifully chewy), Nuttelex, avocado, homemade baked beans, rosti,, onion, mushroom, baby spinach, and tomatoes stuffed with homemade ... stuffing.

Each and every element was home made and home flavoured. Each thing on my plate had its own taste, texture and flavour rather than being just a heated up thing. This breakfast rated up there and firmly challenged the best of Smith St, not only for its mouthwateringness but also for the honest and earnest commitment to real food.

Vancouver Cafe was a little oasis in a town of roundabouts and Sunday closing. If you ever find yourself driving five hours south of Perth, rest assured that supermarket hummus is not the best you have to look forward to.

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steph said...

yay! i'm glad you found something delicious to eat whilst in Albany.