Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yummeries from Zuzu, Illinois, or: I am touched

Everyone should have an international friend like Zuzu!

Lizzy and I met in London last year, when we were coincidentally staying in the same hotel - and we worked this out via the PPK website. We hung out, ate breakfast, went to Portobello Road, swapped our respective lawyerdom horror stories, and elbowed out way through London Vegan Day. You don't often meet people who you can happily hang out with straight off, and we've kept in contact.

Recently we decided to bypass the official PPK Care Package Swap Rules and conduct our own illicit international postage yummery swap.

Anikee at Radical Grocery and I picked out Australiana-but-not-feral-Koala-Blue-style goodies. I included some Jasper instant coffee - my favourite, Orgran Outback Animal bikkies, a soy candle made especially for RadGroc, some Rawganic mint chocolate, and some other yummeries and sneaky things.

And in return ... ! I opened my care package on my birthday (my TDay) and was truly astonished by the generosity and yumminess coming my way. Check these out and drool in glorious envy!

A cookbook, raw sweeties Larabars, two (!) dark truffle (!) blocks from Trader Joes ...

... treats for Sam, mushroom-based Primal Strips (what a name eh!) ...

...marshmallows, crnaberries, lemon chilli almonds, and Swedish Fish!

And oh, those marshies were good. And finally - an item that combines our shared interests in animals, snark, and badges:

My TDay was also celebrated with cake - except awesomer. A 1.5 litre tub of soy flavours form Casa Del Gelato - the grown-up vgena version of a SaraLee icecream cake.

Here is Miss T Junior attempting a lick:

... and here is my cake. Sick to the power of rad!

Thankyou, Zuzu, for a generous, thoughtful and yummy gift that I am sure will make me and tummy very happy!


Mandee said...

Happy B'day :)

And that looks like an awesome package! I love international swaps.

VeganWoman said...

Happy Birthday! What a cake! I love the Coconut LaraBar. Have to try the pistachio.

I'm Philippa O said...

aw happy birthday and what an incredible package!
speaking of doggy treats (and wasn't that article absolutely appalling) i've invented some all puppy snacks that i'd love for sam to try

Sass said...

I love Larabars Miss T! So excited to have discovered them at the Balnarring Ritchies Supermarket. Woot! I think the pecan pie one is a winner for me (lets just ignore the fat content!) :)